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About US- Laser 1040 is Montana's online tax preparation resource center.  Dedicated to helping Montanans' find the income tax information and 2008 tax forms they need to complete their tax returns.  Come join over 6500 satisfied taxpayers in our 30th year.  Laser 1040 spent over $8000 last year on tax software and tax education.  Why settle for a $39 program or a tax return that is unsigned by a friend who takes no responsibility for mistakes?  Laser 1040 can do your return in less time than you can load the program, we sign every return, and our accuracy is Guaranteed.  We provide:

  • Regular Copies of your tax returns for your records, legal and financial aid.
  • Accuracy - IRS verified in 24 hours.
  • Free MT Electronic $$$ in three days.
  • FREE IRS e-file with tax preparation.
  • Tax returns while you wait.
  • Experienced accountants educated on current laws.                    
  • Evening and Saturday appointments.
  • Year round tax planning, bookkeeping, and payroll services.
  • Guaranteed accuracy.
  • Get your $$$ in 3 Minutes with a Laser Loan.
  • Pay later with balance due returns.
  • 40 times less likely to get IRS letters.

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